Action for Girijan Development liberate tribal people
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About Us

AGD is a grassroots non-governmental organization in Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh, India. It's been primarily working in Bhadrachalam Revenue Division, an Agency Area in Khammam district.

Having understood that unequal power relations, unjust economic system and marginalization are the root causes of higher physical and social vulnerability, it was set up, in 1979, to make interventions for social self-development and economic self-reliance. AGD, thus, adopts the mission: 'to facilitate so that the disadvantaged and marginalized communities themselves are able to expand and enhance their opportunities and choices for realization of sustainable livelihoods.'

To realize its mission, AGD adopts:

  1. Provider role to render relief and welfare services, as external agent, to meet the localized needs and supplement the delivery system.
  2. Facilitative role to work as a partner with and to empower both the acquisition system (community) and delivery systems by training and education so that people themselves meet their needs and the provider cater to the community needs effectively and efficiently.
  3. Background role to enable people organize into self-help groups to sustain their community initiatives well beyond minimal/no external assistance.

The Mission

AGD seeks to liberate tribal people from paralyzing tradition, from exploitative situations and from want and deprivation, by socially mobilizing them to unleash and canalize their potentials for development that to come from within.

The Goals
  • To socially mobilize the Tribal people so as to address the issues of ‘isolation’ and ‘powerlessness’
  • To facilitate a holistic empowerment process for the Tribal poor so that they realize their food, income and social security needs themselves
  • To enhance the access of the vulnerable Tribal poor to various community resources and development interventions of the government and the civil society